The Grieg Code


The idea behind ‘The Grieg Code’ is to continue an experiment Lysne did on the CD ’Boahjenasti’, where he wrote a musical anagram on one of the movements from ’Per Gynt suite’. The musicians quickly guessed that this was Grieg, but after 16 concerts and a CD-recording, none of them had cracked the code and figured out which movement it was. He found this result to be most interesting, since they are all well educated musicians. Lysne decided to make a acompete production based on this idea, and started to transform elements from Griegs original compositions into his musically world.  ‘The Grieg Code’ is not any kind of silly jazz version og  great Composers work, its an independent recomposition work, but where all the material originates from Grieg.

The project was started, and later presented to ’The International Grieg Society’, who gained great interest, and ordered the work for a big jazz ensemble to their international Grieg-conference in 2007: Beyond Grieg. Edvard Grieg and his Diverse Influences on Music of the 20th and 21th Centuries.

  • Geir Lysne – saxes, flutes
  • Tore Brunborg – saxes, flutes
  • Morten Halle – saxes, flutes
  • Steffen Schorn – saxes, clarinets, flutes
  • Eckhard Baur – trumpet, flugelhorn, lead vocals
  • Jesper Riis – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Arkady Shilkloper – french horn, flugelhorn
  • Helge Sunde – trombone, trombonium
  • Lars A. Haug – tuba
  • Jørn Øien – keyboards, electronics
  • Bjørn Kjellemyr – bass
  • Andreas Bye – drums
  • Terje Isungset – percussion