Geir Lysne Listening Ensemble

«one of the most amazing formations in decades, a band without peers.»  – Frankfurter Allgemeine

The composer’s 21 piece jazz orchestra has received all kinds of enthusiastic response from journalists and leading critics for their four albums released on ACT.  ‘Boahjenásti’ won the ’German Critics Award’ in 2006, and was nominated for ‘Danish Music Award Jazz’ as well. All main Norwegian papers gave it top score (6:6),  Frankfurter Allgemeine, Die Welt and Hamburger Abendblatt described it as ‘amazing’, ‘unique’, ‘opens the door to Jazz-heaven’  and  ‘the trendsetter from Oslo’. The band was invited to do the ‘German Borse Jazznight tour’ in 2006, a concert serie with other artists like Chick CoreaDavid SandbornLizz Wright and Bobby McFerrin. The ensembe did successful concerts in the greatest German venues like Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Musikhalle Hamburg, Berlin Philharmonie, Muffathalle in Munchen and Liederhalle in Stuttgart.  

Geir Lysne Listening Ensemble:

  • Geir Lysne – conductor, composer
Ketil Einarsen – alto flute, flute, piccolo flute
  • Morten Halle – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
  • Klaus Holm – alto saxophone, flute
  • Tore Brunborg – tenor saxophone, flute
Fredrik Ø. Jensen – tenor saxophone, accordion
Bernhard Seland – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
  • Frank Brodahl – trumpet, flugelhorn
Marius Haltli – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Ole Jørn Myklebust – trumpet, flugelhorn
Eckhard Baur – trumpet, flugelhorn, ensemble vocals
  • Helge Sunde – trombone
  • Christian Jaksjø – trombone
  • Jørgen Gjerde – trombone
Anders Wiborg -bass trombone
  • Jørn Øien – keyboards
  • Hallgrim Bratberg – guitar
Jan Olav Renvåg – double bass, electric bass
  • Knut Aalefjær – drums
Terje Isungset – percussion, voice, jew’s harp

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