Geir Lysne New Circle – new concept, new CD

Geir Lysne is taking a new artistic direction with his new album, this time for a smaller band including himself as a central musician. Geir Lysne «New Circle» is a mix of everything he has worked on the last 20 years. Electronics, world music, big band, jazz, all blended together with great international musicians. New Circle is an individual musical hybrid of European curiosity and internationally influenced creative patchwork. Powerful clear sounds brings together what’s cooking in the metropolises of the world, based on memories of their heritage. Geir Lysne New Circle is a cultural meeting point. Like on the album where the Vietnamese singer Huong Thanh performs her version of a Sami yoik, and Solo Cisoko sings his Senegal version of a Norwegian psalm.  

New Circle:

  • Geir Lysne – saxes, flutes, jews harp, voice etc.
Eckhard Baur – trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
  • Jørn Øien – keyboards
  • Olav Torget – guitar
Gjermund Silset –  electric bass
  • Helge Norbakken – drums/percussion
Peter Baden – laptop/electronics
Guests on New Circle album:
  • Huong Thanh – vocals
  • Nguyên Lê  –  electric guitar
  • Helge Sunde – trombone
  • Huong Thanh – vocals
  • Solo Cissoko – vocals, kora
  • Audun Erlien – bass
  • Knut Aalefjær – drums/percussion
  • Renate Alsing – Zimbabwean marimba