Images of Spring

The Norwegian Wind ensemble has hired Geir Lysne as a curator in their Real Time Music series. Lysne will create four productions with this classical ensemble pr year, and their debut ‘Images of spring’ will take place at Oslo Jazz Festival August 16 th.

The Norwegian Wind ensemble, is a classical ensemble located in Halden. They have opened up new areas of contemporary music improvisation with its Real Time Music, – music that comes into being in real time.

Lysne wants this concerts to be unique for everybody involved, both listeners and musicians. There will be no written music or music stands, every sound is improvised or learned by heart. The first productions is called ‘Images of Spring’ , based on harmonic, melodic and rhythmic inspiration from Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’.


With a classical approach the ensemble will perform a totally free improvised concert. We have invited three guests to join us on this happening, this is Vladyslav Sendecki on piano. Helge Norbakken on percussion and Kristoffer Lislegård on electronics. Everything ‘guided’ by Lysne.


‘Images of spring’ will take place at Oslo Jazz festival August 16th in Jacobs church.